Success Story Sunday – Peedy

Joel adopted Peedy after transport to our Colorado partner 4 Paws 4 Life. From Joel:

“I never thought I could love a dog as much as I love this one. I coach high school baseball and he will be in for a life of having fun at games and shagging balls.”

What an upgrade from a Houston shelter! We’re so happy to hear that Peedy made it into the perfect home.

Peedy1 Peedy2 Peedy3


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Thank you for being a friend

Last week’s transport was special for a lot of reasons. We loaded our dogs and cats for their journey to their forever homes on Friday among many fantastic volunteers and fosters as well as distinguished guests and visitors. The occasion was the official announcement to the press by Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander that he’d funded the buildout of RPM’s new clinic. This will be a place where our pets pulled from BARC can receive care during their foster stays as well as before transports. The clinic will be named the Jack C. Alexander Building in honor of Mr. Alexander’s late father.

Of course, the day was also special because of all the faces you see below. We save them thanks to generous donors like Mr. Alexander and all of you who provide your time, money, and social media outreach on their behalf.

1. Chance 2. Wannie 3. Wren 4. Chloe 5. Butler 6. Jayla 7. Fleetwood 8. Charity 9. Bailey 10. Keefer 11. Delilah 12. Duke 13. Sedona 14. Philco 15. Lady 16. Pablo 17. Peter 18. Shaggy 19. Skipper 20. Bambi 21. Pixie 22. Pogo 23. Whimsy 24. Codi

1. Howdy 2. Forrest 3. Channing 4. Fresca 5. Evita 6. Paz 7. Pilot 8. Crockett 9. Luby 10. Luby’s puppies Lemon, Lotus, Lupin, Lentil, Lollipop, Lager, and Licorice 11. Buckley 12. Nessa’s puppies Nori, Night, Nan, Nicole, Nick, Ned, Nina, Nyx, and Nita 13. Mufasa 14. Nessa 15. Petey 16. Ripley 17. Dunkirk 18. Sweet Pea 19. Scruffles 20. Emmanuel

1. Blossom 2. Axle 3. Jericho 4. Cuddles 5. Snug 6. Christy 7. Nicholas 8. Zoey 9. Alice 10. Karma 11. Sir 12. Valerie and Q-Ball 13. Shelly and Sally 14. Riddle 15. Heidi 16. Melon 17. Tux 18. Princess 19. Goldie 20. Suzie 21. Shay 22. Sammy 23. Sookie 24. Susan 25. Jacob 26. Salli 27. Shortcake 28. Selena 29. Calloway 30. Casselberry 31. Clermont 32. Cutler 33. Coral 34. Coleman 35. Carrabelle 36. Spike 37. Swoozie

And oops! Sweet Brenna was on the van but was accidentally left out of the photos above.

Brenna, all the other dogs and cats, and we at RPM thank all of you so much for all you do!

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Van 4 or Bust!

We have wonderful news! Because of RPM’s wonderful fosters and volunteers, strict health protocols, and focus on customer service, we have several no-kill groups and shelters in other states wanting to work with us and save BARC’s death-row dogs and cats. Many of these places have just a few dogs and/or cats in their entire program, and they have a waiting list of adopters. Accordingly, these groups really want the harder-to-adopt pets, including the big dogs that have heartworms. Families want to adopt them!

The problem we have run into is that we have more demand than we can accommodate with our current three vans, and we are desperate for a fourth van ASAP to go on this Thursday’s transport. Our crazy goal, then, is to raise $65,000 in just 3 days! To do that, we need serious help from you!

If each of you who read this post donated just $15 to $20 RIGHT NOW, we would raise enough to buy a van outright. It is the only way we can do it.

As an incentive, below are dogs that we would NEVER have been able to save without a fourth van. We rented a van last week to carry a load of cats up to Colorado. The rental is terribly expensive, and we cannot afford to rent every week.

So look into the eyes of these lovely souls, and please donate and we will share your name as a comment to our Van Fundraising Facebook Post. We are trying to get over 4000 donation comments, and we have a LONG way to go.

Please, donate by clicking here!

Please help us help these babies!

Jacob is a 4-week-old puppy that needed surgery so we couldn’t hold him for 2 shots. He could travel only if he only rode with cats, so he rode in the fourth rented cat van!

All of these sweeties are heartworm positive, and we would never have been able to save them before:


unnamed (1)

Large, length-of-stay pups, who otherwise had no chance:



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Success Story Sunday – Tally

Tally caught her ride from Houston to our Colorado partner 4 Paws 4 Life on December 4th and was quickly adopted into a loving family. They report that she is a wonderful puppy. She is growing like a weed – gaining 2.5-3 pounds each week – and has calmed down a bit, so she is getting along well with her new brother, Bonzer. More than anything, she loves a good snuggle. We’re so happy for the update! It is clear from her photos that she is settling very comfortably into her new home and life.

Tally 01 Tally 02 Tally 03

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Carefree Highway

Thank you to all of you who put in the work and the worry so that when our dogs and cats get on the vans, all they have to do is enjoy the ride. From our volunteers, helpers, and donors in Texas, to those on the other end of their journey, you’re all making an amazing difference. BARC’s save rate this past December was 74 percent–the highest ever for BARC and especially impressive considering their intake during the month. RPM is a big part of that number because of you–your time, your donations, and your passion and commitment to saving lives.

Here are those you saved last week by sending them to their forever homes.

Thank you!

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Success Story Sunday – Junie B (formerly Sheila)

Although she left Texas as Sheila, this playful, affectionate puppy quickly earned a more fitting name from her forever family – Junie B. Just like her children’s book namesake, Junie B is curious and into absolutely everything. She loves playing with new nine and thirteen year old human siblings, and her new mom Dana says that she is growing like crazy and amazingly agile and fast. We’re so happy to hear that Junie B is the “epitome of a healthy, happy dog!”

JunieB2 JunieB1


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Living Up To His Name

Hardy, one of the dogs in our program, is aptly named, as he embodies bravery and determination. Here’s what our friends at Homeless Pet Placement League have to say about him:

HPPL loves to help “broken” animals. When our good friends at Rescued Pets Movement told us about Hardy and asked if we might want to underwrite some surgery for this guy’s broken femur, we said “sure.” Hardy had a smile on his face as he was driven to the vet, but he wasn’t overly happy with that big bandage and the pin in his leg. The good news is that just a few days ago, the bandage was removed and the vet said two more weeks for the bones to fuse before the pin comes out. Both Hardy, HPPL and RPM are looking forward to that day. Don’t worry, there will be more happy pictures then.

Hardy the day he left BARC.


Brave Hardy.

We know Hardy is going to continue healing and be in his forever home soon. Thank you, Sharon, for fostering him, and thank you very much, HPPL, for so often partnering with us to create better lives for Houston’s dogs and cats!

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Come Saturday Morning

Because of the holidays, several of the dates our dogs and cats traveled weren’t on the regular schedule, and that can be a good thing. We were able to see a lot of our fantastic volunteers and fosters at transport who we don’t usually get to see, along with those of you who are able to be there week after week, all of you doing your best to help the transport go smoothly and show these dogs and cats the love and care they deserve. It’s a great reminder of how many of you are working so hard behind the scenes every week to save lives. You inspire us and renew our energy and enthusiasm more than you can ever know. Thank you!

Saturday dawned with fierce thunderstorms, but nature was kind enough to give our doggies a break when it was time for them to board the vans. Here are the dogs who made that long journey to their forever homes.

In that last set of photos, you can see some of the people who answered our call for help on Saturday. We’re in the last stages of getting the Jack C. Alexander Building open, and we needed help getting everything out of there so the floor people and painters can start their work. Boy, did you guys deliver! Thank you so much for all the help, including the heavy lifting, shifting kennels and crates, bagging the clean laundry that keeps our pets comfortable on their trips, and organizing all the things. Amazing!

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Success Story Sunday – Zorro

Sweet Zorro was a length of stay pup at BARC – he had been allowed a short time in the Adoption Center, but hadn’t managed to find his forever home in Houston. RPM was able to pull and send him to one of our rescue partners in Colorado, where he was adopted to a young family that happened to be from Texas too! His new mom, Crystal, is pregnant and wanted a companion to live with her and their two cats while his new dad works a rotational schedule in the oilfield. Zorro has fit right in to his new life. He hasn’t had any accidents, never barks, and sleeps in bed with Crystal and the kitties. In fact, her only complaint is that he is too quiet and friendly!

I was hoping he would bark when people come, but he just licks everyone to death and never barks. [I was thinking if I get a little dog,] it would bark and people would be leery because they would see Zorro.

No doubt Zorro would love a little buddy, and will be a great big brother when the baby arrives. We’re so happy to know that Zorro has settled with a great family, and a fellow Texan at that!

Zorro2Zorro1 Zorro3

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Holiday Road

We didn’t forget the dogs who left for their new homes last week–just in time for Christmas!–and we know you won’t either. What a great bunch they are.

From RPM to all of you, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and Day. Thank you again so much for making 2014 an extraordinary year. Let’s do it again, even better!

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