These dogs need a foster or forever home.



We have several longer term doggies that are still in need of a foster! These sweet pups don’t currently have rescue in Colorado, but we are continuing to market them in Colorado and Texas both for adoption AND other rescues. The problem is, when they are stuck in boarding we can’t get to know them as well as when they are in a foster home. All those small details we learn from our fosters are what help to make them so much more adoptable in all avenues!!

That said, they will need fosters for more than one week and its hard to say how long exactly. BUT, we will take what we can get for sure and ANY time in a real home is SO APPRECIATED by us, and especially the pups not sleeping in boarding each night. Did you know a dog in a foster home finds his/her forever home 5 times faster than a dog in boarding? These are all special puppies that had their rescue or adoption fall through in CO through no fault of their own and we need your help while we find them a Plan B.

If you’d like more information about our dogs in need, here are links to their adoption profiles:







Please contact Timothy at if you are interested in more information on one of the pups listed. Also, please fill out a foster form at if you haven’t fostered for us before. And, if you’re interested in adopting one of these wonderful dogs, please fill out our adoption form at


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The Reason Why

Last week was a whirlwind of awareness- and fund-raising events, and with your help, we also were able to take more than eighty dogs and puppies out of BARC and place them with fosters. We know they’re the reason for everything we do, and so are these wonderful dogs (and one cat!) who went to Colorado last week. Many of their pictures are already on our Facebook page with their new families. Thank you to everyone who’s a part of saving their lives.

When we arrived at our loading site, Jonky, the most chill cat ever, kept an eye on us to make sure we were doing it right.

Here’s who traveled with him.

Join the movement as we do it again this week!

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RPM at Houston’s World Series of Dog Shows

Today is the last day of the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. If you haven’t been, you should go and see our booth before the whole thing is over at 5 PM. It’s fun! Spin the wheel and win fabulous prizes! You can buy fabulous upcycled dog toys and delicious dog treats made by Magpies and Peacocks! Our fundraising committee did an amazing job making our booth and managing our presence at the dog show this week. We can’t thank them enough for all that they do for RPM! (But, thank you!) Thank you, volunteers and fosters, for all the time you spent in our booth talking to people about RPM and making sure everyone who visited us had fun! Thank you, Becky, for the video you made about RPM that played on a loop in our booth. Everybody loved it, and so do we! If you haven’t seen it, you can view it below.

Rescued Pets Movement 3 from Becky Cochrane on Vimeo.

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Success Story Sunday: Sushi (formerly Lalie)

Our last Success Story was short, so I feel compelled to post another short and sweet one today. The above photos are of Sushi and were taken on her first day in her new Colorado home. The adopter sent us the following message:

We have been home for two hours. Our new pup has eaten, gone for a walk, and explored her new yard and home. She even has answered to her new name. I love her!

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Success Story Sunday: Josie (formerly Joselyn)

We received the following above photos and the message below from one of our Colorado rescue partners of Josie with her new family. We love being able to share happy notes like this with you!

Joselyn is the 8 pound girl you transported a few weeks ago. Her family loves her! These kids have never been around dogs before. Joselyn/Josie is a true gift. Thanks for helping us to find an awesome dog to help these kids discover their love of dogs!

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A Night in Havana

We had a great turnout at the Kung Fu Saloon the other night, so we’re hoping you’re all going to come to the Hudson Lounge tonight for A Night In Havana benefitting Rescued Pets Movement! Should be a fun event! Hope to see you there!image

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Wouldn’t Have Missed It for the World

In case you don’t follow along on Facebook (scroll down a little and click on that Facebook logo on the right to get to our page), lots of rescuers, fosters, and adopters in Colorado have been posting photos and notes to update us on many of our transport pets. We love seeing them safely there and settling in. Here are the ones who went last week thanks to all your help!

There may be lots of sweat and a few tears (saying goodbye can be tough!), but we’re ready to do this again with your help.

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Success Story Saturday: Jake.


Judging from the above photo, I’d say Jake is feeling pretty comfortable in his new home. Don’t you think so? We’re glad he’s doing well in Colorado now, and we’re glad to share this note from his new mom:

Jake is doing good. We have been going on lots of walks and he is now starting to get used to being around the barn [and] learning proper behavior around the horses. He seems to be very happy here which is wonderful!! Everyone comments on how nice a dog he is, and he loves all the attention he gets from friends and even strangers.

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Independence Day

Have we mentioned lately how much we appreciate all that you do to save lives? We do–and so do these guys. They celebrated Independence Day by declaring their freedom from fear and having the courage to travel a long way to their new forever homes.

Thank you so much for making a difference to them!

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Success Story Sunday: Bella.

Bella was rescued by local animal welfare organization Adore Houston last February. Adore made RPM an offer we couldn’t refuse. They made sure Bella was completely vetted and up to date with her vaccinations, found a foster home for her, and offered to sponsor Bella’s transportation to Colorado to one of our partner rescues. We don’t normally venture outside of partnership with BARC, but we made an exception in this case because we had room on that week’s transport and found a rescue for Bella to go to very quickly, and because Adore was very cooperative and willing to work with us. Not long after we moved Bella to Colorado, we received the following email and above photos from her new family:

We found Bella at a local rescue where they were giving her excellent care. From day one she was sweet, friendly, eager to learn, and [has been] happy in her new home. Bella has been spayed, has been to our personal vet, and is very healthy and playful. She sleeps with me and plays with [everyone]. We have another canine family member who we also rescued. He is 13 years old and we have had him for 10 years. They are great friends. I will include pics of them together. When we think of all the loving effort it took all of you to get Bella to a place where we could be Blessed with her…it leaves me speechless. Please know she is loved and will always be cared for with us as her family. God Bless You All.

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