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Lauren Ellis Stacks
Amazing rescue that's doing things the right way!! Thank you for your approach to the overpopulation of animals in Houston and your partnership with the city. Big things to come for you all, I just know it!
Marianne Camargo
This is a wonderful organization! Great people getting together to save lives. I had tears putting my foster puppies on the van, but they were happy tears. So happy these baby puppies are going to LIVE in a forever home. And I'm going to continue fostering.
Steve Ouellette
These folks work tirelessly to give a voice to those who cannot speak - to offer a better life to abandoned animals - you cannot ask for a greater cause. With this valiant effort comes high emotions - both positive and negative - but when you see the big picture and set aside personal interests you emerge part of a greater good.
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September 20, 2018
Fur Ball 2018
Join us to celebrate all the lives we've been able to save this year at the Fur Ball 2018....
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We Need You!
We’re excited by what we’re doing, but we need your help. After Rescued Pets Movement saves animals from shelters, the dogs and cats need short-term foster homes while we arrange for their transportation. We need volunteers to help organize fundraising efforts to cover the extraordinary rehabilitation costs we incur to make sure every pet we transport is healthy. As our movement grows, we will need more drivers and fosters. We may need someone to stuff envelopes. Every little bit helps. We can’t do this without YOU!